Monday, September 10, 2007

Media Catcher 2.10

I am pleased to say I am able to use the Media Catcher 2.10 application with Jaws 8 screen reader for the blind.


3 issues I have with Media Catcher are:

1. Do not press insert+ down arrow keyboard combination when using this program.

2. Press the ALT key and then right arrow 1 time to access the record menu bar. Do not use ALT+R as this conflicts with the Record button that appears on the program's interface.

The "_" button you hear is the minimize button.

The "X" button you hear is the close program.

3. You have to use your Jaws cursor in the listview box that appears on main interface of Media Catcher.

This listview box is where your recordings go.

When in this listview pressing your applications key to bring up the context menu popup does not work at this time meaning you have to use your Jaws cursor and do a Jaws right mouse click to activate the listview context menu popup list of choices.

The above are only my expereiences with this program.

New updated Jaws Scripts for YSI Plugin

The new and updated Jaws scripts for the Replay AV 8.21 YouSendIt plugin is available at:

These scripts are for Jaws and are from Brian Hartgen.

Scripts version appears to be 1.03. These scripts allow you to send files within Replay AV 8.21 application. Before you install these scripts you MUST read his instructions carefully at the above link I have provided. If you follow his 8 steps he has provided you can send your files.