Saturday, February 28, 2009

Replay Media Catcher 3.02 released

Replay Media Catcher 3.02
Yesterday, February 27, 2009, 5:27:04 PM
-Update to the plug-in system which helps prevent firewall-related trouble..
-Fix for YouTube where YouTube videos will download 100% in demo mode.
-Fix for YouTube where YouTube videos won't download twice.
-Fix for MP4 files being transferred via RTMP, they didn't save properly before.
-Fix for miscellaneous sites that use the RTMP protocol.
-Miscellaneous interface improvements (tick marks on header control, new splash screen, alternating row colors).
-"Tips on start up" now shows up properly.
-HTTP files are now renamed by browser window (toggle in HTTP Plug-in settings).
-FLVToMP3 tool updated to tell user if there are no MP3 frames in an FLV and what they should do about it.
-Many smaller updates and bug fixes.

Replay Media Catcher 3.02 is accessible with JAWS 10. It has menu bars:
Record, Transfer, Tools, Help

The Tools menu is unusual. In regular conditions you will only hear one option read to you while in this menu. You will hear settings. The Tools menu actually has 4 total choices. To bring these additional choices do

Route JAWS to PC Cursor.
insert minus on numpad.
Locate the word "Tools".
JAWS left mouse click on this word "Tools". (use numpad / symbol).
Go back to PC cursor mode. (press numpad + symbol)
You will hear the 4 choices now within the Tools menu bar correctly. Settings, converter, extract...

I do not know why this happens. If anyone is reading this run Replay AV 8 with Window-Eyes and use your mouse cursor to left click on the menu bar items like File, which isn't read in normal conditions to see what happens. Do this with some of the other menus and see if you still get the double items in some of the menus still.

Replay Media Catcher 3.01 and now 3.02 includes a very accessible built-in converter tool. It allows you to convert your captured files to another format file type within the same application. I converted two .mp4 files to .mp3 successfully. The converter rocks!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Suggest a station for MediaGuide

Use this link to tell Applian to add your show/station/podcast.