Friday, September 19, 2014

Replay media Catcher 5 Debug Info

I will need "debug" logging information. Here is the general procedure.

1) Make sure Replay Media Capture (RMC) is not running.

2) Close e-mail clients, IM, and other programs that use the internet. Close
all browser windows except for one.

3) Open Replay Media Catcher but DO NOT start monitoring yet. The start/stop
switch should be green and say START.

4) Go to the Help menu in RMC. Choose About. Click the Support tab. Click on
the Debug Mode checkbox. Click the OK button.

5) Start recording in RMC by pressing the green START switch (the switch
will turn red and now say STOP).

6) Go back to your browser, enter the following address:

and hit Return key to start loading the video.

When RMC is finished (either by completing the download or by error) or
after 1 minute if nothing is being picked up by RMC...

7) Close your browser window.

8) Back in RMC, stop monitoring by pressing the red STOP switch.

9) Click on Help in the menu, select About, click the Support tab, and click
the "Email logs to support" link.

10) The zipped logs will be placed on your Desktop. Please send that zipped
file to Applian tech support.

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