Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Applian Products Updates

Taken from the Applian Technologies site:

November 06, 2007
Replay Media Catcher -2.10c

Updated installer to include the most recent build of FLV Player (2.0 build 22)

October 28, 2007
At-Large Recorder - 2.3

- Fixed bug indexing ASF files.
- Added an advanced settings on the 2nd record-setup dialog which allows you to change all the parameters of the ASF stream, including video resolution.
- Added a new Volume control to the live view dialog.
- Added a "Play", "Pause" and "Restart" button to the live view dialog.
- Imports SlingBoxes previously defined in the SlingPlayer.
- Fixed bug as far as when to hit "Enter" after sending the channel.
- Added a warning box when the SlingPlayer is open.
- Other minor bug fixes.

October 26, 2007
Replay A/V - 8.31

- New customers now get a more accessible default folder for saving recorded files. (If you already have Replay A/V 8.3 you don't need this update.)

October 17, 2007
At-Large Recorder -2.2

- Fixed bug that preventing users with some systems from changing channels when recording
- Fixed bug that prevented asf files from indexing properly if the live-view window was active during indexing.
- Made AM/PM selection easier
- Added circular recording allowing users to continually monitor and record a video feed
- Added "stretch mode" to the live viewing dialog
- Added a right-click menu to the windows media viewing window with fill screen mode, volume up/down, restart, etc.
- Added "re-index asf" feature to the history dialog and hot key to delete a file, and double-click to view it
- Fixed output directory error when recording directory does not exist
- Various small bug fixes

Sunday, November 11, 2007

At-Large Recorder 2.3 Helpful Hints

When you hear:

Start Recording At edit box - this is the field to enter either the minutes or hours for your recording. If you tab over one more time you land on the combo box which has either the minutes or hours choices.

Duration of Recording edit box is where you enter the channel number you want to record.

I explain the above because JAWS 8 does not read the above correctly. I used trial and error to figure what the above edit boxes do.

After you have setup your recording schedule you will be back on main interface of At-Large Recorder. If you do a insert+3 numpad keyboard command with JAWS 8 you will hear the status bar data read out like this:

Date & Start Time for Recording to begin

At-Large Recorder 2.3 Help button

The help button now works with the spacebar. Tells you the version number you have.

Media Catcher 2.10 Tutorial

Simple podcast on Media Catcher 2.10 with JAWS 8.

Download and Listen

Media Catcher 2 tips

To activate the RECORD function do:

1. Press your ALT keyboard key
2. Press your right arrow key 1 time
3. Down arrow to Start recording
4. Press your ENTER key

To record your content go to the web and start that content like videos.

You do not have to play the entire video stream to get the stream recorded by Media Catcher.

Play the stream for 10 seconds then stop the stream then go to your next stream and repeat the process.

To stop the Media Catcher recording function do:

1. Press your ALT keyboard key
2. Press your right arrow key one time
3. Down arrow to Stop Recording
4. Press ENTER key

Your recordings will appear in the listbox.

JAWS 8 users:

the - button is the minimize button but alt+m works.

The X button is the close button but alt+F4 works.

When your video stream has been fully converted you will hear a nice audio sound. This is a nice feature to me.

The above are my experiences with Replay Media Catcher 2 pproduct.

To try it go to:

Thursday, November 8, 2007

At-Large Recorder 2.3

I am able to record the tv video signal off my SlingBox hardware device by using Applian's At-Large Recorder 2.3 software product. Recordings are made in the .asf file format.

To learn more about At-Large Recorder 2.3 go to:

If you have any questions you can join the blindreplay mailing list by submiting an email message to:

In subject line put: subscribe

I tested all this on a Windows XP Home computer using JAWS 8. Applian fixed the prodcut key registration in less then 24 hours after I told them about it.

SlingMedia makes the SlingBox device. I use the SlingBox Classic.

Tech support: 1-877-467-5464