Thursday, February 28, 2008

Replay Music 3.20 Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use the following keyboard
Ctrl + A = Select All Tracks
Ctrl + R = Record or Stop Recording
Ctrl + S = Split Track

Monday, February 25, 2008

Coupon Codes for Blind PC Users

Coupon Codes starting date: Feb. 23, 2008

These coupons are just for the blind forum users - and the
coupons are good for
90 days.

Okay here they are:

For $20 off the purchase of the Replay Capture Suite - use
coupon: SUITEBB
For $15 off the purchase of the Replay AV - use coupon: RAVBB
For $10 off the purchase of the Replay Media Catcher - use
coupon: RMCBB
For $10 off the purchase of the Replay Music - use coupon: RMBB

Friday, February 22, 2008

Applian Support Resources on the Web

Ordering and Customer Service

Need help with billing, receiving your order, or returns?

Choose a department below for more information or to contact a
company representative:

How to Make a Software Gift Card
Payment Options
Problem with order
Billing questions
Lost activation/registration code
Upgrade deals for current customers
Other administrative questions
Other general inquiries


Recover Lost Activation/Registration Codes
Occasionally you may need to erase activation codes from your PC
to reregister a product. Use the Clear Activation Code Utility
for this purpose.


Technical Support Form
Create Ticket
Please fill out the form below to create your ticket.

Downloading Older Versions of Replay AV 8

All old versions are here:

Just append the name of the file you want to download, like

Thursday, February 21, 2008

At-Large Recorder 2.4

February 19, 2008
At-Large Recorder -2.4
- Fixed bug which caused "Unable to Load the slingboxer.dll"
error message.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Activation/Registration Codes Assistance

Go to this URL to fill out the simple form to retrieve your
missing codes.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Replay Music 3.20 & Settings Dialog Box

The Replay Music 3.20 Settings dialog box has been greatly
improved. Doing a control tab or shift control tab within the
settings dialog box will advance or reverse you within a
tab/page property sheet.

With JAWS you can do a insert t keyboard command to hear not
only the title of the dialog box which is "settings" but also
the name of the page property sheet like "input", "proxy",

Great job by the developer!!!

Thank you.

Replay Music 3.20

February 12, 2008
Replay Music -3.20
- Improved accessibility. Can now use Ctrl+Tab and
Shift+Ctrl+Tab to navigate through settings.
- Improved stability.
- Improved iTunes and Windows Media Player transfers.
- Added more detail to log entries.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Replay AV in the news

Replay AV is nominated as Best Software for the Blind and
Visually Impaired

San Anselmo, CA- January 28, 2008 - Replay AV was the only
mainstream software nominated in the Best Software category in
the Blind Bargains 2007 Access Awards this week. The other
software nominated in the best software category was
specifically designed for blind users. Although, Replay AV
didn't win the award the program's inclusion in the top four
Best Software category is a testament to the efforts Applian
Technologies has put into making their products accessible to
the blind.
"The fact that a mainstream software product such as Replay AV
was nominated amongst programs specifically for the blind shows
me the commitment to equal access exhibited by Applian
Technologies." Said J.J. Meddaugh, Webmaster for "Other companies should follow their lead and
work to include the blind and visually impaired when producing
and distributing software."

About a year ago a blind forum was established
( to help blind users
understand how to use Replay AV and other Applian Products.
Petro T. Giannakopoulos, the forum's unofficial monitor and avid
computer user, has created regular podcasts
that demonstrate how to use the different features of Replay AV
and other Applian programs like Replay Media Catcher, their
streaming flash video recorder and Replay Music, their streaming
music recorder. Mr. Giannakopoulos also acts as a beta tester
for Applian to test any new product developments or enhancements
to ensure that the programs work well with his screen reader and
offer easy keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, a member of
Applian's staff also monitors the forum to make sure that the
company is staying abreast of any accessibility issues that
their programs might have. Any recommendations from the forum
are immediately relayed back to the developers so they can fix
any accessibility issues that may arrive.

The members of the blind forum predominantly like to use Replay
AV to capture their favorite streaming radio shows. But
interestingly, the blind users also use Replay AV to capture
streaming video – like the playlists you would find on YouTube.
The blind users like to listen to the videos just like they like
to listen to their favorite radio shows.

"Replay AV has brought a lot of enjoyment to my life," said
Petro. "Applian is a great company that really cares about
making their products accessible to the blind user. Bill
Dettering is a fantastic CEO and the overall company is a
fantastic group."

"Our programs have always been about helping people get more
enjoyment out of streaming media," said Bill Dettering. "We are
thrilled that our products have developed a loyal following in
the blind community."

Replay A/V and all other Applian products are available for
download and immediate purchase from the Applian Technologies
web site at

Free demos are available
for all the products. The programs require a PC running

About Applian Technologies
Applian Technologies was started by Bill Dettering in 2000 with
the launch of Replay Radio, a program Bill created to combat the
boredom of his long commute down to Silicon Valley every day.
Replay Radio allowed Bill to listen to his favorite radio
programs whenever he wanted. Now, seven years after the launch
of Replay Radio, Applian is recognized as the global leader in
recording software. Other popular Applian products include the
Audio Video Streaming Capture Suite, Replay AV, Replay Media
Catcher, Replay Music, Replay Converter, and Replay Screencast.
Learn more about Applian Technologies and all their products at

Applian Media Contact
Leslie Bee
Director of Marketing
Applian Technologies
(888)-808-9877 Ext. 4

Replay Music 3.20 beta tested

Using JAWS 9 with Windows XP Home I tested Replay Music 3.20
beta to see if the settings dialog box was improved. This
settings dialog box now works with the JAWS PC cursor mode. The
control tab will jump you to the next tab/page within the
settings dialog. Their are 4 tab/pages:

Input, Splitting, Proxy, Output.

Thank you Applian Technologies!!!