Monday, May 31, 2010

Replay Media Catcher 3.11 : Use Firefox

Setup is
Replay Media Catcher 3.11
Vista Home Premium
Firefox Browser
This applies only if you use Vista OS.

You must use Firefox browser in order to capture on demand (not live)
audio/video with Replay Media Catcher 3.11.

Internet Explorer 8 browser will not work. Whether you try it externally or
within RMC's 'launch browser' option within the Record menu bar. In both
cases the Internet Explorer 8 browser webpages are invisible with JAWS 11
which means you can't find your audio/video content.

Don't know why this is.

Install Mozilla Firefox browser. You will need to install Adobe Flash Player
10 from

Flash Player for other browsers is the one you want. And uncheck the box for
the McAfee product located near the bottom.

When it asks you for the active x type install quickly press alt+a.

It was kind of tricky to install the Flash Player 10 for Firefox. Best to
have a sighted person around but I managed on my own. Save yourself some

So to capture with Firefox browser and RMC.

1. Run RMC
2. Press alt key
3. right arrow
4. Down arrow one time and enter on start recording
5. minimize RMC.
6. Make sure Firefox is your default browser.
7. run Firefox
8. go to the website you want to capture
9. Play the on demand (not live) stream for 10 seconds
10. play as many streams you wish for 10 seconds
11. RMC is capturing those streams silently in the background for you.

Finally when you run RMC you will get this message everytime it starts up
unless you told that message to stop bothering you,

graphic 234 Internet Explorer Notification... graphic 798
Replay Media Catcher has detected that you have User Account Control enabled
in Windows. User Account Control will
NOT allow Replay Media Catcher to work with Internet Explorer. You will have
to either:
Launch Internet Explorer from within Replay Media Catcher

Petro: Will not work with JAWS. IE 8 webpages are invisible. This is why I
use Firefox.

Use an alternate browser:
Mozilla Firefox Apple Safari
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Firefox sets the pace with dozens of Safari: the fastest, easiest-to-use
new features, including the smart browser in the world. With its simple,
location bar, one-click bookmarking and elegant interface, Safari gets out
blindingly fast performance. your way and lets you enjoy the web.
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Google Chrome Opera
Google Chrome is a browser that Discover the new standard in Web
combines a minimal design with browsing. Download Opera today to
sophisticated technology to make the get the fastest and most powerful
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most of your time online.
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graphic 792 Do not show this message again OK

Replay Media Catcher 3.11

Works well with JAWS 11 and Window Eyes screen reader ( reported by another
user). This application captures those on demand (not live) audio/video
streams on the web. They say it can capture like 60-70 percent of the stuff
on the web. It is very simple to use.

Replay Telecorder RC 7

Tested this release candidate of Replay Telecorder RC 7 and no
issues with recordings where only one voice was heard in the recordings by
other users. I never had this issue here. This version also fixes the
product key code registration issue as I could not activate the product in
the previous version.

Replay Telecorder an issue with recordings

Some users have reported some issues with their recordings done by Replay
Telecorder Users report that they only hear one person's voice in
the recordings. Please wait for the new version. Try playing the recordings
with Windows Media Player 11.

Replay AV 8.80

Tested with JAWS 11. Tips are,

1. The URL Finder utility - if you can find this utility after playing your
audio stream just use insert+F10.

2. YouSendIt Plugin - If you cannot log in with your username and password
when going to Replay AV 8.80 Tools menu bar and then choosing YouSendIt then
do this,

If you do not have an account,
Go to the website using your browser and paste in this address,

It's free. You don't need one of the pay accounts.

If you already have a YouSendIt account then,

1. Run Replay AV 8.80

2. Schedule a recording
3. In the propperties dialog box where you have scheduled your recording, go
to the output tab page sheet and place a check mark in the box where it
saids to send the recording. Arrow down one time from this checkbox and you
will hear an edit box for an email address.
4. Enter the email address to whom you want this recording to go to.
5. Choose OK.
. minimize Replay AV 8.80
6. Go to the Desktop with windows key + m.
7. Enter on the YouSendIt icon
8. Enter your username and password.
9. When on the password field and with your password already typed in just
press your enter keyboard key and you will be signed into the YouSendIt
10. We did this sign in procedure because the Replay AV 8.80 Tools menu,
YouSendIt method is inaccessible.
11. Minimize YouSendIt application. Do not close it.
12. With both Replay AV 8.80 and YouSendIt application running in the
background you are all set.
13. With both Replay AV 8.80 and YouSendIt running in the background and
your recording already scheduled plus the output tab being told to email the
recording to an email address what will happen is Replay AV 8.80 when its
done recording and possibly set to convert the recording to another file
format will activate YouSendIt plugin automatically and send the recording
off for you to that email address you designated in this output tab.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Replay AV 8.80

Replay A/V 8.80
Yesterday, May 18, 2010, 1:47:56 PM
- fixed "mute when recording" setting when recording from speakers.
- improved logging to better troubleshoot registration code problems.