Monday, May 31, 2010

Replay AV 8.80

Tested with JAWS 11. Tips are,

1. The URL Finder utility - if you can find this utility after playing your
audio stream just use insert+F10.

2. YouSendIt Plugin - If you cannot log in with your username and password
when going to Replay AV 8.80 Tools menu bar and then choosing YouSendIt then
do this,

If you do not have an account,
Go to the website using your browser and paste in this address,

It's free. You don't need one of the pay accounts.

If you already have a YouSendIt account then,

1. Run Replay AV 8.80

2. Schedule a recording
3. In the propperties dialog box where you have scheduled your recording, go
to the output tab page sheet and place a check mark in the box where it
saids to send the recording. Arrow down one time from this checkbox and you
will hear an edit box for an email address.
4. Enter the email address to whom you want this recording to go to.
5. Choose OK.
. minimize Replay AV 8.80
6. Go to the Desktop with windows key + m.
7. Enter on the YouSendIt icon
8. Enter your username and password.
9. When on the password field and with your password already typed in just
press your enter keyboard key and you will be signed into the YouSendIt
10. We did this sign in procedure because the Replay AV 8.80 Tools menu,
YouSendIt method is inaccessible.
11. Minimize YouSendIt application. Do not close it.
12. With both Replay AV 8.80 and YouSendIt application running in the
background you are all set.
13. With both Replay AV 8.80 and YouSendIt running in the background and
your recording already scheduled plus the output tab being told to email the
recording to an email address what will happen is Replay AV 8.80 when its
done recording and possibly set to convert the recording to another file
format will activate YouSendIt plugin automatically and send the recording
off for you to that email address you designated in this output tab.