Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Applian Products Updates

Taken from the Applian Technologies site:

November 06, 2007
Replay Media Catcher -2.10c

Updated installer to include the most recent build of FLV Player (2.0 build 22)

October 28, 2007
At-Large Recorder - 2.3

- Fixed bug indexing ASF files.
- Added an advanced settings on the 2nd record-setup dialog which allows you to change all the parameters of the ASF stream, including video resolution.
- Added a new Volume control to the live view dialog.
- Added a "Play", "Pause" and "Restart" button to the live view dialog.
- Imports SlingBoxes previously defined in the SlingPlayer.
- Fixed bug as far as when to hit "Enter" after sending the channel.
- Added a warning box when the SlingPlayer is open.
- Other minor bug fixes.

October 26, 2007
Replay A/V - 8.31

- New customers now get a more accessible default folder for saving recorded files. (If you already have Replay A/V 8.3 you don't need this update.)

October 17, 2007
At-Large Recorder -2.2

- Fixed bug that preventing users with some systems from changing channels when recording
- Fixed bug that prevented asf files from indexing properly if the live-view window was active during indexing.
- Made AM/PM selection easier
- Added circular recording allowing users to continually monitor and record a video feed
- Added "stretch mode" to the live viewing dialog
- Added a right-click menu to the windows media viewing window with fill screen mode, volume up/down, restart, etc.
- Added "re-index asf" feature to the history dialog and hot key to delete a file, and double-click to view it
- Fixed output directory error when recording directory does not exist
- Various small bug fixes