Friday, August 10, 2007

Downloading YouSendIt Plugin Jaws Scripts

Petro notes:

1. For Replay AV 8.21 which uses the YouSendIt Plugin.
2. Applian Technologies had no part in these scripts. They were made by Brian Hartgen.
3. The YSI Jaws scripts are for Jaws version 7 through 9 according to Brian Hartgen.
4. Make sure that Replay AV 8.21 application is not running at all. Verify this both in your taskbar and system tray areas then install the YSI Plugin Jaws scripts.

Brian Hartgen's notes are below.

the scripts for the YouSendIt
plug-in for the
AV Replay program have been freely published. Shortly I will
create some
kind of page for them on my site, but the direct URL to download
installer is
 The installer is programmed to detect JAWS versions of 7.0
through to 9.0 at
the moment to cater for 9.0 when it is released later this year.
As was
pointed out on this list, version 6.20 does not work well with
Replay A V
and since these scripts are designed to meet a specific purpose
I have not
been concerned about that.
The functionality offered by the scripts is quite automatic as
1. When confronted with the licence agreement screen, ALT+A
equals accept
licence agreement, ALT+D equals decline licence agreement, ALT+V
equals view
licence agreement. I did not put hotkey help in here because
the tutor
message voice prompts you with this guidance automatically.
2. When focused upon the "sign in" or any other YouSendIt
screen, the
virtual cursor is automatically activated and you are advised of
this. From
this point just use the application as if it was a web page.
3. Insert Q gives you the scripts version number.
That's all, but at least for jaws users this plug-in is now
Brian Hartgen