Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Replay AV 8.4+ Press Release

Applian Technologies Announces New Technology to Record XM™ and Sirius™ Internet Broadcasts

Applian Technologies releases a breakthrough technology to record XM™ and Sirius™ Internet Broadcasts via stream capture.

San Anselmo, CA (PRWEB) December 18, 2007 -- Applian Technologies has just released an update to their flagship online media recording product, Replay AV, that offers the first ever stream capture recording of Sirius™ and XM™ satellite online radio broadcasts. This breakthrough release offers all XM™ and Sirius™ subscribers the ability to automatically schedule and record their favorite streaming satellite programs with perfect bit-for-bit reproduction of the original feeds. Additionally, Replay AV allows simultaneous recording of multiple XM™ and Sirius™ streaming shows.

"We are very excited to be the first software company to offer this exciting new recording breakthrough," said Bill Dettering, CEO of Applian Technologies. "This latest release of Replay AV further demonstrates our leadership in recording radio shows broadcast over the web, as well as other types of media. Our satellite radio enthusiast beta testers have been thrilled."

In addition to downloading streaming audio, Replay AV also captures streaming video, includes an integrated media guide for recording and scheduling radio shows, converts all the popular audio and video formats, imports recordings automatically into iTunes and offers the ability to send recorded files via the integrated YouSendIt™ application. Replay AV works with any PC running Windows. You can learn more about it at www.Replay-AV.com.

About Applian Technologies

Applian Technologies was started by Bill Dettering in 2000 with the launch of Replay Radio, a program Bill created to combat the boredom of his long commute down to Silicon Valley. Replay Radio allowed Bill to record his favorite radio shows and listen whenever he wanted. Helping people get more enjoyment out of streaming media is what Applian Products are all about. Now, seven years after the launch of Replay Radio, Applian is recognized as the global leader in recording software. Other popular Applian products include the Audio Video Streaming Capture Suite, Replay Media Catcher, Replay Music, Replay Converter, Replay Screencast and At-Large Recorder, their Slingbox™ recorder. Learn more about Applian Technologies and all their products at http://www.Applian.com

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