Friday, April 4, 2008

Lesson Time 4-4-2008

Magic Jack is an intriguing way to make low-cost phone calls
throughout the world. We mentioned the music site here
a couple weeks ago. Now, we can listen to demonstrations of both
these systems, provided by Reginald George of the Real-Eyes
Blind Computer Users Group.

Using Replay AV 8 how would you get this archived audio as an
.mp3 file to your hard drive to listen to it at your own
convenience or to your portable mp3 player?

Copy the URL. The entire http: with ctrl c
2. Open Replay AV 8
3. Press application key.
4. Choose Enter New Show
5. The properties dialog box opens.
6. Name your file in the Name: edit box
7. Tab one time
8. In the URL edit box paste your copied URL.

8a. tab one more time.
And in the "Convert To" combo box leave it at "nothing".
8b. tab one more time
8c. Check the checkbox that saids "Record Now"
9. Choose Ok button.

If you get some more on screen messages just choose ok.

Now you are back on main interface of Replay AV 8.

Tab to the listbox where your shows, stations are stored.

Locate the name you gave for this file in the listbox.

It will say cappturing.

When it no longer saids capturing the job is complete.

Now to listen to this file just do an application key on the
file/show in the listbox.

Choose" view" in the context menu list.

Choose ok if you get a message.

Arrow to the file/show name and press enter to begin listening
to your captured file.

All this is for your own personal use.