Sunday, November 16, 2008

Replay AV 8.52 released

- fixed display of multiple "File conversion job will start as a background process" messages when converting multiple files.
- Improved registration process for upgrades.

I've tested Replay AV 8.52 and it works very well with JAWS 10. This release costs $9.95 because you get the vastly improved and powerful Replay Converter 3.20 included. If you have questions on how to use Replay Converter please ask the questions on the BlindReplay mailing list or PC-Audio list. I am here to help.

My experience and comments here only.
Backup the schedule8.dat file to another location on your hard drive. This file contains all your stations/shows/podcasts recording schedules.

I uninstalled via Control Panel's add or remove the following:
Replay AV 8, Replay Converter, YouSendIt Express, WinPCap.

Reboot your computer. Shut down your computer for 2 minutes.

Download Replay AV 8.52 at

Best to buy the upgrade via the website method. $9.95. This way you will have the product key and copied with ctrl+c so you can paste it in with ctrl+v.

When you have completely installed Replay AV 8.52 and run the program it will tell you it is a demo version.

You will get a dialog box and here you will have the opportunity to enter the product key that you purchased and copied with ctrl+c to paste it in and choose the submit button.

I have not seen any errors or bugs but there is no way one person can test every file but the product does work very well.