Thursday, December 19, 2013

Replay Radio 9 Installing Over Existing Version Tip

Have not tested Replay Radio here.
My experience only for the below.
If you decide to install this version over your existing version be aware that after the initial setup window screen that appears make sure you hear the words 'Upgrade' instead of 'Uninstall'. Use insert+b to read the 2nd Installation Window. I am not referring to the initial installation window. During my beta testing I would just listen to the first installation window but not press the tab key. i would however press insert+b to hear the whole window contents though. I just wanted to be sure I heard radio button for upgrade/update from version RR9... to RR9... and as I heard this I would press insert+tab to hear that the Next button was the active / focus button and would press my enter key on next. On the 2nd window I would make sure I would hear the word like Upgrade / Update and proceed on.