Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Replay media Catcher 5 & HTTP/SSl checkbox

I did also find the RMC5 settings for enabling/disabling the checkbox for HTTP/SSl within Replay media Catcher 5.
The steps are if blind users need to are,
Run RMC5
Press alt+l for the Library menu
Choose Settings
When dialog screen loads right arrow until you hear Internet tab and press your enter key to make it the active tab.
Press tab one more time now.
Right arrow until you hear HTTP ADV tab and press your enter key to make the HTTP ADV tab the active tab sheet.
Press your tab key now and you will hear the checkbox for the HTTP/SSL scanning option
Prfess your spacebar to uncheck the checkbox if needed.
Press your tab key a few times to locate the OK button and press enter to save your settings.
The above assumes you installed the certificate already.