Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Replay Media Catcher 6, NVDA and Capture Method tip

Replay Media Catcher 6
NVDA 2015.1 Screen Reader for the blind
How to select an option from the Capture Method button on the main user
interface of Replay Media Catcher 6 using NVDA 2015.1. The Capture Method
button has 3 options;
Stream Downloader (the default)
Audio Recorder
Digital Video Recorder

Use your tab keyboard key and locate the Capture Method button.

Press your spacebar keyboard key on the Capture Method button.

With NVDA press insert+numpad 7

Nest use numpad keys 7, 8 or 9 to locate one of the options;
Stream Downloader
Audio Recorder
Digital Video Recorder

When you hear the option you want to use press;
insert+numpad /
Then numpad /
to activate the capture method option like Audio Recorder.

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