Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Replay AV 8.04 Keyboard Commands

Here's a list of keyboard commands for Replay AV 8.04.

Keyboard Shortcuts

For visually impaired users, commonly used functions in Replay A/V can be triggered with keyboard. (Note: Version 8.02 of Replay A/V changed these shortcuts
from using the Alt key to using the Ctrl key.) Here's all the shortcuts:

• Ctrl+G: Open Media Guide.
• Ctrl+F: Open Stream Capture/URL Finder.
• Ctrl+A: Add New Show.
• Ctrl+B: Open Convert/Transfer dialog.
• Ctrl+Q: Open Record Audio (Quick Record) .
• Ctrl+S: Open Settings dialog.
• Ctrl+T: Tune to selected station.
• Ctrl+U: Update Podcasts.
• Ctrl+L: View Recording Logs.
• Ctrl+W: View Shows
• Shift+Up: Move the selected show up in the list.
• Shift+Down: Move the selected show down in the list.
• Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+9: Quickly tune to the show listed first, second, etc.
• F1: Open the User Guide.
• Del: Delete the selected show.
• Enter: Edit the selected show.
• Ctrl+F4: Exit.

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