Sunday, March 11, 2007

Solution for .rm to .mp3 conversions

The below solution I believe is for Replay AV 8 users as far as I can tell. If you use RAV 7 contact Applian Tech support.


Installing Replay Converter 2.6 should solve the problem. This will install
by default into the Replay A/V folder. Here's the link:

Petro adds:

This should fix the issue for the .rm to .mp3 conversions RAV 8 does for you after recording a stream for you or when you convert a real file already on your hard drive.

Helpful hints:

Close RAV 8 program. Just to be sure you should see no RAV 8 icon in task bar nor system tray.

Install the Replay Converter 2.60 program.

After you do the install. Restart your PC. If you have RAV 8 automatically start up every time you start up your computer then I would close RAV 8.

You should see a Replay Converter icon on your desktop or go to start menu, all programs (classic view), Replay AV 8, open it, then run Replay Converter program.

Choose the "about" button with space bar. See what version you have with your jaws cursor. You should see 2.60.

This is good practice. Just my opinion.