Thursday, May 15, 2008

New YouSendIt plugin (module) in Replay AV 8.42

YouSendIt Express 1.5.1
April 23, 2008
Using JAWS 9

Starting the YouSendIt plugin within Replay AV 8

1. Run Replay A/V
2. alt -t for tools menu
3. up arrow one time
4. press enter on YouSendIt

If you are a new user you must sign up for a YouSendIt account.

One way to do this is to go to:

Use the email address and password you created at the above site and enter this information when asked by the plugin.

YSI plugin sign in tip

Immediately after you have entered your password in the password edit box press your enter keyboard key. This will activate your account.

Replay A/V 8 is now ready to start sending your recordings via e-mail using this plugin.

To configure a station or show recording to be sent to an e-mail recipient info

1. Go to the station or show in the listbox view on main interface of Replay A/V 8
2. Highlight the station or show in the listbox
3. press application keyboard key
4. Choose properties
5. shift -tab one time
6.Right arrow until you hear 'output'
7. tab a few times until you hear a checkbox that saids 'email recording to'
8. press spacebar to check the box
9. Enter the email address you want the recording to be sent after the recording is finish
10. Choose OK button to save settings.

Other tips
Within the YouSendIt plugin
The YouSendIt plugin settings link is where you can change the default download folder. The default path is:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\YouSendIt Downloads\

'username' is your name.

Other links that are available with the YouSendIt plugin are:
Send, Inbox, Sent Items, Settings (tip above), Account, Help, About and the Options Panel which only appears if you are in the 'Send' section.

Notes from YouSendIt Express

1. Allows users to receive and download files in Express
2. Allows sender to see how many times the file was downloaded

1. Start the application by clicking on Start >All Programs >YouSendIt menu item or right click a file and select 'Send by YouSendIt' option.

2. Enter your YouSendIt account name and password and sign in. If you don't have a YouSendIt user account, click on ¡®Sign Up¡¯ button and follow the instructions to create an account.

3. After you sign in enter the email address of the recipient, an optional subject and message and click on Add Files or Add Folder to add a file or a folder to send.
4. Click on Send It button to send the file.
5. A progress bar will be displayed showing the file/folder upload progress.

To use YouSendIt Express, you need to be registered at