Thursday, May 15, 2008

New YouSendIt plugin (module in Replay AV 8.42

Window-Eyes 6.1 & YouSendIt Express plugin 1.5.1
My experience only.

Signing up within the plugin
New users who do not have a YouSendIt account should go to the YouSendIt site at:

create an account.

Finding the YouSendIt plugin within Replay AV 8:

1. Start Replay AV
2. Go to the tools menu with alt -t
3. up arrow one time
4. You will be on open yousendit
5. press enter on this open yousendit

The YouSendIt screen appears now.
Press ctrl -shift -t for the title bar.
Press ctrl - home.
Press "c" to jump to "email address" edit box and press enter key.
Enter the email address you created at
Tab one time and enter your password.

Important: Immediately after you have entered your password in the password edit box press your enter keyboard key. This will sign you in.

Note: With Window-Eyes I had no clues that I was signed in. Send a test file with the YSI plugin. Or right click on a file on your hard drive and choose 'send by yousendit option. Send the file to yourself. Check to see if you got an email notification in your email program.

You are now signed in and the YSI plugin is ready to go and to work for you within Replay AV.

Sending a recording with the plugin.

1. Add your station or show to Replay AV 8.
2. The station or show will appear in your listbox view on main interface of Replay AV.
3. Go to the station or show in the listbox.
4. Press application key on selected station or show.
5. choose properties and enter on it.
6. Set your settings in basic, recording, schedule tabs.
7. Go to the 'output' tab
8. press tab key a few times until you hear checkbox that saids 'email recording to:'
9. press spacebar to place check marked in checkbox
10. Enter email addresses like you do when you send an e-mail message within your e-mail program. Separate with ;
11. choose ok to save settings.

When Replay AV has finished recording for you the station or show it will automatically send the file download instructions to your email recipieents via an email notification message.

Other tips:
When the YouSendIt plugin is uploading your file or recorded file press ctrl -shift - t to hear the percentage upload progress. When you no longer hear the percentage number announced then the upload has finished.

Sending a file that is located on your hard drive.
Listen to the mp3 tutorial if possible or follow these steps.

There are 3 ways to do this. Right click a file and choose send by YouSendIt option. Or run YouSendIt Desktop Application program but I am not sure if this will be included with Replay AV 8. Or go to Replay AV 8 tools menu and choose open YouSendIt option.

The YouSendIt screen appears for you.

1. press ctrl -home
2. Press "C" until you hear "email recipients" edit box.
3. Press enter key.
4. enter email address to whom you will be sending the file to.
5. press tab
6. enter subject line text
7. Press tab
8. Optional text message.
9. Press tab key
10. ctrl -shift -A to get back to browse "on".
11. Choose the "add files" link
12. the open dialog box appears
13. add your file
14. spacebar on open to add file
15. Locate name and size headers
16. Below these headers you will see the file name and size for the file.
17. Send the file. Read below on how to do this.

Window-Eyes doesn't see the "Send by YouSendIt" link very well like JAWS. It displays this "Send by YouSendIt" link with a long html code instead.
Locating the "Send by YouSendIt" link.
Window-Eyes sees the "send by you sendit" link as:


Window-Eyes users can press insert -e on the above "html" long code and get a popup window telling them the below info:

Description: link
Font: arial
Size: 12px
Style: underline
Foreground: blue r0 g0 b255
Background: image

Alt: Send by YouSendIt

The last line tells you "Send by YouSendIt. You have found the right link and it is the one you need to press your enter key on to send off your file.

Or you can do:

1. ctrl - home
2. insert -tab
3. Press C until you hear "cancel"
4. up arrow one time.
5. you will hear ":Program" long URL code.
6. Press your enter key
7. You have activated the "Send by YouSendIt" link and your file is being uploaded to the yousendit server.
8. Press ctrl -shift -t to hear progress upload percentages.
9. When you no longer percentage number in the title bar the file has been uploaded.
10. alt -f4 to close YouSendIt screen.

You may want to try ":" when you do the insert -tab links list. This may eliminate having to locate the first "cancel" type link in the insert -tab list. Doing this ":" may find the "send by YouSendIt" send link much quicker for you.

Other information

Window-Eyes 6.1 reads the YouSendIt screen properties all on one page. The links for inbox, settings, about are not clickable here but there properties/contents appear on the same page on the YouSendIt plugin screen. With JAWS this does not happen. With JAWS I can click inbox link and I am taken to the inbox page contents. Cleaner interface.

You can go to YouSendIt website at:

Sign in and adjust your inbox, sent items, and more via the web interface.