Sunday, August 3, 2008

Installed and tested Replay Media Catcher 3.0 beta

For those who are using Replay Media Catcher version 2 and want to try out Replay Media Catcher 3 beta this is what to do. Only my experiences here.

Make sure RM Catcher is closed and no longer running.

Go control panel, add or remove, locate Replay Media Catcher in the list. Choose remove. Follow the on screen messages. You will be taken to a survey which is optional. Close the survey with alt + F4 when done. You are taken back to the uninstall process.

Uninstall it.

Examine your add or remove list and see if RM Catcher is gone.

Go to start, all programs, and make sure you do not see RM Catcher folder.

Go to "My Computer", C:\ hard drive, Programs folder and locate Replay Media Catcher folder/directory. Open it. It should be empty since you uninstalled it. No log files are there.

Highlight "Replay Media Catcher" directory in your:
C:\Program Files\

That is highlight Replay Media Catcher.

Press delete key to delete this directory called Replay Media Catcher.

Verify its gone.

Go to Recycle Bin and delete this folder.

This is important. you must restart your computer. Go to start, turn off, restart.

Your computer reboots for you.

Download and install RM Catcher 3 beta.
Release version date is: 7-30-08.

During the install you don't have to change any of the settings except when you hear the license agreement sccreen you will the I do not agree button. When you hear this button just up arrow one time and you will I agree button and then tab to the next button to continue the rest of the installation.

On the last screen during the setup choose EXIT button. Do not choose Launch Program now button.

Installation is finished.

Restart your computer.

Run RM Catcher now.

For me the product key was retained. When RM Catcher started up I heard full version.

The interface is the same. The tip of the day dialog box type messages have new tips so read them. Like it supports rtsp:, mms: streams and there's a new plugin called webstream dumper.

I have not tested to see if I can capture any streams here but all looks good to me. You can use it with your JAWS screen reader.