Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Replay Converter 3.05 notes

This is the stand alone version of Replay Converter 3.05. Working with the developer to fix a minor issue involving the right click to work when selecting the added file in the listbox view. Work around is to use your route jaws to PC cursor then do a right mouse click on the file to bring up the popup context menu list. Then back to PC cursor mode. Then back to route jaws to PC cursor to find the troubleshoot option in the context menu and then left mouse click on troubleshoot. Back to PC cursor mode. The status for the file will now read as "TShoot" instead of pending. In very rare instances do you have to do this for your files as most will convert automatically for you. It's the best converter in my book.

I burned a .asf file to DVD NTSC blank disc successfully. Got someone to check the DVD's audio/video to see if it was in sync and was told it was.