Thursday, March 12, 2009

Replay Music 3.55 & burning CDs solution

The fix and to not receive any error messages when burning your tracks to an audio CD format is to not insert the blank CD into the tray until you hear the "proceed with burn" message. When you see this message insert the disc and choose yes button/link. Worked for me. Other tips are:

To select the tracks in the listbox view you can use ctrl+spacebar to select the tracks. Standard Windows keyboard commands here. Use ctrl+down arrow to go down your tracks and then use ctrl+spacebar to select the track. This was the case before in previous versions. I chose 16 out of the possible 24 tracks in the listview box.

I then chose burn CD button.

I am then asked if I want to use my previous settings. Chose yes.

You will hear a "start burn or start burn" button but do not activate this button. Wait on this screen as it is doing the processing process. Wait 3-4 minutes and you will hear the proceed the burn message come up for you. Insert the bland CD into the tray. Close the tray drive. Wait. Press enter key on the yes button. The burn to audio CD starts for you. The tray ejects the CD.

Open Windows Media Player 11. Insert the CD disc into the tray and close it. Your CD plays for you.

Within WMP 11's interface if you tab a few times you will see the tracks in a listview. For me I heard the 16 tracks listed there.