Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Replay Music 3.55 released

Replay Music 3.55
Today, March 11, 2009, 4 hours ago
- Uses the new CD/DVD burn functionality.
- Fixed a transfer to iTunes bug.
- Fixed a bug with the validate registration buffer

Petro's tips only are below.

1. Download Replay Music 3.55 setup file to hard drive.
2. Uninstall older version you have of Replay Music.
Use control panel's add or remove programs.
3. Reboot your computer.
4. Remove the "Replay Music 3" folder in your C:\Program Files\. That is delete the Replay Music 3 folder.
4. Run the setup file you downloaded in step #1.
5. On last setup screen choose exit button to complete the setup installation.
6. Reboot computer.
7. Run the Replay Music application by clicking its desktop icon.

The interface is still the same. I was able to burn an audio CD by choosing the burn button. I was not able to do this before and I did report these issues in the past to Applian. If it doesn't work for you, you can always use another program to do the burns for you.

In the listbox view where all your tracks appear I tabbed to this listbox and then arrowed down one time and did a copy all command - ctrl+a -which selected all my tracks. An audio Cd can only have up to 60-80 minutes or less. I use 70 minute capacity CDs for audio and if you make data (.mp3) CDs then you can put up to 700 MB.

If you hear a button that saids something like "start burn or burn CD" during the burn setup do not activate it. Wait for a new message box to appear.

With JAWS 10 during the burn process I chose NO to save my previous settings. At the last screen I got an error message. Clicked ok button and the burn proceeded for me.

I decided to burn some new tracks but this time I said YES to use my previous settings.