Monday, October 28, 2013

Replay Music 5, two sound cards, splitting a file into tracks

Replay Music 5. The splitting works ctrl+s when playing a file like the MP4 file you sent me via dropbox.
JAWS 14 screen reader
Using two sound cards so speech output did not get captured.
You run Replay Music 5.
Press ctrl+R for start recording.
Or choose start recording with spacebar only.
A dialog box appears.
Add the artist name, album and genre as jazz and choose ok.
Now do the next steps fresh. Do them at this point. Don't do the below steps and then run Replay Music 5.
Find the file on your hard drive that you want to split into tracks. Press enter to play it.
Or open Winamp and locate the file and play it.
alt+tab back to Replay Music.
Tab over to the list view and you will see the progress / capture.
When you hear silence press ctrl+s to split the track.
Soon you will see in the list view a new recording listed.
When next song is over press ctrl+s to split.
Repeat the process.
It named the first song with all the details in my testing.