Monday, October 28, 2013

Replay Music 5 & Understanding Audio Drivers

Understanding Replay Music 5 & Audio Drivers
Some of the info shown below will be different per individual users.
The default input source setting in Replay Music is the "Windows Audio Driver".  Please try this one first.  The Windows Audio Driver will record all audio that goes to your speakers.   However, the one draw back with that is will not only record the audio that you want to record, but it will record other audio also if it is played through the speakers such as system sounds.  So, if JAWS is talking when for instance you are recording music, you will also hear JAWS talking while the music is playing which is something a user may not want to happen, so a user will have to make sure that JAWS is not talking while the music is recording.  The benefit of this option is that it should work for every recording source regardless of sound card.  Users that have an operating system greater than XP will see this option.
Petro Comments:
Use audio driver. See further below.
1. Use another computer.
2. Buy an external USB Sound Card
Will provide a list of USB Sound Cards I was told that work well and are plug 'n play, no software required.
For example, the USB Creative Play! works for Vista and Windows 7 and XP Pro SP(?). 64 bit operating systems. Not sure about 32 bit XP OS.
It seems that you have two sound cards on your computer that are able to make microphone recordings.  You can select either one of those options if you want to record from a microphone.
The "Audio Driver" option is able to make a recording from only one source.  So, Replay Music is able to lock on only the music that might be playing through your speakers.  You won't have to worry about JAWS being recorded or system sounds.  However, the draw back with this option is it isn't able to record from as many sources as the "Windows Audio Driver".