Friday, February 27, 2015

Replay Media Catcher 6 & Audio Recorder

Applian support said,
To use the Audio Recorder in "Application" recording mode in RMC6, yes,
SecureBoot has to be turned off for Windows 8 systems. This requires
navigating the UEFI BIOS of your computer, and the layout of the BIOS can
vary depending on manufacturer.

on all Windows versions, our installer is setup to change a few Windows
Registry values in order for the "Application" recording method to be used.
In some cases, antivirus software may prevent or reset those values. If
that happens, a warning message will be displayed.

If you use the Audio Recorder in Stereo Mix or Device mode, the above
conditions do not need to be met, but the recording quality may not be as

BlindReplay says,
The Replay Media Catcher 6 User Guide explains how to do the secure boot
configuration. The user guide link is in one of my previous blog posts.

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