Sunday, February 22, 2015

Replay media Catcher 6 & Blind user tips

My experience and opinions only.
Replay Media Catcher 6
If you want to set the settings use NVDA as JAWS sometimes will lose focus
with the settings window. The fix is to exit out of RMC6 and run RMC6 and go
to the settings. You will hear after each setting feature the screen reader
say the word switch is on or off. So on means its enabled and off means it
not enabled / not selected. To rehear your setting do a shift+tab then a tab
and you will hear the on / off. Once you have set the settings to your
personal preferences you will not need to tinker with the settings in the
On the main user interface of RMC6 there is a list of tab controls and think
of these as controls. Again, JAWS 16 will lose focus on these tab controls
but can still be found and heard. NVDA never loses focus of these tab
controls. The tab controls are in this order;
Home H
Guides G
Schedule S
Settings S
Get Support G
The tab controls mentioned above can be found by tabbing to and then
stopping at where you hear the screen reader say "When the switch is on
media streams orif you have stopped tabbing and re-reads the item with JAWS
insert+tab it will say Automatically detect and download... When you hear
this by your screen reader simply shift+tab one time and then down arrow you
will hear one of the tab controls like;
Home H
Guides G
Schedule S
Settings S
Get Support G

The reason I have provided the one letter after each tab controls name is
JAWS will lose focus with these tab control names but JAWS will say when
focus is lost the following as you up or down the tab controls as;
H which is your Home tab control
G which is your Guides tab control
S which is your Schedule tab control
S which is your settings tab control
G which is your Get Support tab control

So once on the tab control like the Settings simply tab two times and you
will hear or not hear the five tab property sheets that are available within
the settings Window. With JAWS do a insert+tab or insert+numpad 8 to hear
the actual tab sheet name as you navigate left or right on the tab sheets
that are sometime not read back. If you hear JAWS say 'selected' you are on
one of the tab sheets so do a insert+tab and you will hear the actual tab
sheet name you have focus on. You can do a ctrl+tab to jump to the next tab
sheet properties or Shift+ctrl+tab to go in reverse to the previous tab
sheet properties. All is not lost. It works when you know what to look for.
NVDA does not exhibit these issues in my testing.
The settings tab control tab sheets are;
Output folder
Internet Downloads
Audio Recording
Naming Rules

Takes some practice with JAWS.

More tips
Your captures are always placed in this listbox and you must be within the
Home tab control area. One way to know if you are in the Home tab control
area is you will hear this URL edit field entry spoken as you tab around or
better yet always use the special and valuable shortcut key ctrl+l
This ctrl+l will place focus immediatly inside the URL address edit box
where you can paste in the URL address you want to capture. Once you have
pasted in the URL address with ctrl+v simply press your enter keyboard key
and the capture / download begins.
So Locate the Home tab control if you are lost. Again you can find this Home
tab ontrol or one of the other tab ontrols by first tabbing around and
listening for the the Switch is on the media... or when stopped tabbing and
re-reads the element you will hear Automatically detect and download... so
shift+tab one time from here and then down arrow and locate the Home tab
control. When you have focus on the Home tab control simply shift+tab a few
times to hear the listbox view. This is where your captures / recordings are
If you are using JAWS and focus is lost listen for the letter H and this
tells you that you are on the Home tab control and then shift+tab a few
times to locate the listbox view. If you happen to hear as you are
shift+tabbing the following items then a capture as occurred;
show in folder
and maybe one or two other items that I cannot remember at this time you are
all good.

Another tip
You must be in the Home H tab control to find the When the Switch is on...
item as you tab around. When you hear this When the Switch is on item simply
press your spacebar to activate the start mode. This start mode will make a
sound effect for you. This tells the user its ready to capture your media
streams on the fly so go to your browser and test some media you want to
Your captures will appear in the Home tab control listbox view.
To stop the Start mode process simply locate where your screen reader says
the When the Switch is on media streams ... and press spacebar and you will
hear the stop sound effect.

The first time you try to capture you will get this pop up setting message
asking you on how you want the captures. So set the settings. Believe they
were like Hi, medium and low and media formats like MP4, FLV aand some other
formats. Also if you need to tweek These settings you can go later on to the
Settings tab control > Internet Downloads tab sheet properties. You will
hear when multiple streams... and formats...

Use your insert+tab or insert+numpad8 with JAWS to re-read the control that
you have focus on.

New tip
Say you want to capture just one media and its a URL address you have copied
with ctrl+c then you can simply press ctrl+l and the URL edit box appears
for you. simply paste in the URL with ctrl+v and hit your ENTER keyboard key
to activate the capture. Press your tab key 3 times and you will hear the
list view box. The file will be shown in this list box view. You must be
inside the Home tab control center to hear this list box view. You cannot be
for example within the settings tab control center to hear this list box

New Tip
To capture in a different mode locate the Capture Method control while
within the Home tab control center. The screen reader will say Capture
Method button and this is it. Press your spacebar and you will hear;
Stream Downloader and this is the default.
Audio Recorder - use this when stream downloader does not work but it will
be a second by second, bit by bit recording.
Digital Video Recorder

Choose the option you need.
If you have chosen the Audio Recorder option the user interface will change.
Notice the split recording and start recording buttons? After you have
pressed the start rcording button with spacebar simply press shift+tab and
then tab to re-read the start recording button and you will hear it say
stop recording button because this is a toggle button.

When the DVr is chosen try pressing ctrl+l to open the URL edit field box,
paste in the URL and press enter key to capture.
I was told the buttons within the DVR are not labeled for screen reader
users. There are 3 unlabeled buttons.

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