Sunday, June 14, 2015

NVDA, Replay Media Catcher 6 Using the schedule tab control to set up future recordings

Using the Schedule Tab Control to setup a future timed recording and more.
Replay Media Catcher
Will refer as RMC6
NVDA 2015.1
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
Read the RMC6 user guide first.
Blindreplay blog
Configuring the Conversion Settings button control within the Schedule tab control.
Works the same way as the RMC6 main interface Conversion Settings button control.
The Schedule tab control allows one to set up future recordings by time and date. Its very powerful.
To find this Schedule tab control you would,
Run RMC6 desktop icon.
Wait for the splash screen to load.
Do a shift tab key press. Then tab one time.
NVDA will say Tab control.
Maximize RMC6
Where you heard NVDA say Tab Control simply use your down arrow key to hear,
Usually it will take you to the Guides tab control so press up arrow to hear Home tab control,
Press down arrow repeatedly to hear the rest shown below,
Get Support
So locate the Schedule tab control with your arrow key.
Press your tab key one time from the Schedule tab control.
You will land on the New Schedule button.
Press spacebar to activate the New Schedule button.
You will have focus in the General tab sheet properties and will be in the Schedule name edit field.
If you shift+tab away from this Schedule Name edit fieldyou will hear NVDA say Tab Control.
This signifies you have landed on the Schedule tab sheet tabs area.
Use your right arrow key repeatedly to hear all the tab sheets that are available for the Schedule properties window.
You can use your left arrow key if necessary.
The Schedule window has the following property tab sheets.
General | Schedule | Settings | Split |Override Tags
Use insert+tab to hear the control name when in the properties.
Schedule > General tab properties tips
Press insert+tab and you will hear the name of your control. For example when focus on the Capture Method combo box NVDA will say
Capture Method combo box
We are on the,
Capture Method combo box / drop down
Press letter A repeatedly to hear the available options.
Press letter D repeatedly to hear the available options.
Using the down arrow key does not work here.
Next press tab to hear the next control.
Use insert+tab to hear NVDA say
At Complete: combo box None                               
This combo box works so use your down or up arrow keys.
Further down there will be an edit box to paste in your media URL address.
When you hear this save schedule button, my experience only, stop at this save schedule button and do not proceed with the tab key press but press ctrl+tab to place focus in the next tab sheet properties within  the Schedule window properties.
Basically it will jump to the next tab sheet properties.
You will see checkboxes for Monday thru Sunday.
Next you have,
TZ time zone combo box
This is for your media source local broadcast time. The time they broadcast in their time zone and not to be confused with your local time settings.
Next we have the Start time combo box and start date combo boxes.
Use insert+tab to hear the control's name and values / digit numbers you have set.
The start time combo box edit field defaults to the AM / PM field.
Use up or down arrow key and you will toggle this from AM to PM or PM to AM.
To verify the change press insert+tab and NVDA will say the value / digits.
Use your home keyboard key to place focus on the hour value.
Then use up or down arrow key to set the hour value number.
Use insert+tab to hear you settings you have set for the time.
Press right arrow 3 times to set the minutes value for your start time.
Use up or down arrow keys to set the minutes value.
Use insert+tab to hear your start time settings.
Press your END keyboard key to set the AM / PM setting.
This is your E N D keyboard key and not the letter N key I am referring to here.
Use up or down arrow key to set the AM / PM.
Use insert+tab to hear the settings.
You have set the start time.
Press your tab key next.
You land on the start date combo box.
Use the same steps mentioned above dealing with the start time settings.
The steps work the same way.
Now press your tab keyboard key to land on the Duration edit field.
This Duration field requires a number value.
Press insert+num pad 7 two times until it says no review.
Press insert+numpad1 for object review.
Press insert+numpad2
Press insert+numpad 5 to hear the current value for the duration edit field.
type in a value now like 60.
Press insert+numpad 5 to hear the value you have set for the duration field.
If its incorrect then press your END key. That is the E N D keyboard key. Press backspace to delete these numbers and now type in 60.
Press insert+numpad 5 to hear the duration value.
You can use the standard up and down arrow keys to change your current value you have typed in already.
If its correct then press insert+numpad1 to get out of object review.
Type in 60 for 1 hour recording.
Type 120 for 2 hour recordeing.
Tab now.
You land on the save schedule button and stop here.
Press ctrl+tab to advance to the next property sheet which is the settings property sheet.
RMC6 has controls that can be configured to be on which means enabled or off which means disabled within some property tab sheet properties.
NVDA will say switch is ON for some controls and switch is off for other controls.
To change from switch off to on or switch from on to off you simply press your spacebar.
Press insert+tab to confirm that this is what you want.
NVDA will say the current switch status to you.
Like switch is on or switch is off.
The Settings tab property window has this Conversion Settings button.
This Conversion Settings button control can be configured the same way as the main user interface RMC6 Conversion Settings control text notes I have posted in my blog where I show how to use this control or ask me for these notes.
Choose spacebar on the save schedule button to save the schedule you have set up.
The Schedule list view contents does not appear until you have two or more schedules setup.
This is a NVDA issue or Infragistics issue.
You can do the following,
Create two fake schedules, false start times and start dates plus fake URL addresses contain just the text of http: in the URL field and save the schedule.
Keep these two fake scheduled events in the list view forever and you will be fine.
With two entries now in the list view you will notice the list view functions correctly.
Practice with RMC6.
Finally,You can use ctrl+tab to jump to the next tab sheet like say you are in the General tab properties and presses ctrl+tab it will take you to the Schedule tab sheet properties.
Be careful with the shift+ctrl+tab as it may take you out of the Schedule properties window altogether. As you become more familiar with RMC6 you will know what has happened and will find the place you want to be.