Saturday, June 13, 2015

NVDA Using Replay Media Catcher 6 Capture Method button control

Replay Media Catcher
Will refer as RMC6
NVDA 2015.1
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
Blindreplay blog
Using the Capture Method button control with NVDA
Maximize RMC6.
Find the Capture Method button control by using your tab keyboard key.
Press your spacebar.
NVDA will say Menu.
Press insert+numpad/
Press insert+numpad *
Use insert+numpad4 or insert+numpad6 to review your capture method options which are,
Stream Downloader which is the default
Audio Recordder
Digital Video Recorder
Place focus on one of the above modes like Audio Recorder.
Use insert+numpad 5 to hear what you are on.
Press insert+numpad/ then numpad /.
You have made the Audio Recorder the current capture method.
You will be back on main user interface of RMC6.
Review your Capture Method button status. It will say audio Recorder. You can do a shift+tab and tab back to this control. You will hear the tooltip.
Also the interface will have this split button and start recording button which you do not see while you are in the Stream Downloader mode.
If you close RMC6 it will default back to Stream Downloader mode capture method option next time you run RMC6.
Using the Capture Method control button
Note with NVDA if you capture just one file you will need to use the show in folder button found on the main interface of RMC6 to view the file.
If you capture two or more files then the list view 'files list' of your captured files functions normally. You can up / down arrow in the list and use first letter navigation within this list view.
When tabbing within the RMC6 main user interface the first time around you will hear this list spoken by NVDA. NVDA will say list with its speech. This is your list view / files list view of your captured media or recordings. Also you may here the tooltip for this list view object. I cannot remember at the moment.
Read the user guide if you have Windows 8.1.