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Help In Recording Track



First off, I'm a noobie so if the solution to this problem is
posted somewhere already, simply post it here so I can follow

However, I've tried to look for a solution and I just can't find
it. I've recently upgraded from my old WMR Suite to the Replay
A/V Suite thinking that it can help me record the opening track
to Triple Five Soul's website.

I've tried doing it but I just can't find the right solution and
I'm hoping somebody out there can help me out. The URL is and any solution would be greatly



What problem are you having when you record? I tested this site
with both Replay AV and Replay Media Catcher and both
successfully captures the MP3 track.

Here's how to do it in Replay AV:

Click on Tools-URL Finder to start the URL Finder
Browse to and wait for the audio to start

You'll see the MP3 file in the URL finder. Highlight it and
select "add selection as new show".
Name it and select the "record now" check box.
Click OK and it will start to download.
Here's how to capture it in Replay Media Catcher:
Click the "Start Recording" button.
Browse to

Replay Media Catcher will automatically start downloading the
mp3 file and the flash videos on that page.
Screencast is the CPU usage culprit


I did a test tonight using the Netflix streaming (in Internet
Explorer) with the Screencast in Recording mode as well.
Screencast was using about 95 percent of my CPU's cycles,
effectively bringing the PC to a halt. So, they definitely need
to rewrite the code for Screencast to make it efficient. It's
unusable now (at least for Netflix) with such a high CPU
utilization rate.
they are working on a version that will use lower cpu usage. I
don't have an eta at this time, but I know it's being worked on.

Why is it that my Replay video capture, records the same video
twice, almost simultaneously?

Hi Certo. Are you referring to Replay Media Catcher? Most likely
you are seeing this with YouTube downloads, correct? It has to
do with a new "signature" parameter implemented by YouTube. To
Replay Media Catcher that parameter makes it look like two
separate media files.

We are looking into the problem and should have it resolved in
the next update.

Success recording audio in Vista (at last)


I have used Replay Radio and Replay Music with great success
over the years to record audio on my XP PC, but was somewhat
despondent on first switching to Vista (a new PC) as Applian
mentioned the difficulty of recording using the sound card (my
preferred method) on most Vista machines. Indeed, I found Replay
AV didn't work at all (until today!!).

I am writing this to help anyone else who may be having problems
as there is some new information on the Vista FAQ page on the
Applian site. It may not work for you but it did for me. The
link is

I don't have a separate sound card, my PC has sound integrated
with the motherboard (not ideal but I ran out of space) and I
thought that might be part of the problem. However, the trick
was to 'enable' a recording line in Vista, as described in the
article in the Vista FAQ, which Vista had for some reason
disabled for me without me knowing. Once I did this (a 5 second
operation) - presto - Replay AV worked by recording sound
through my speakers (as it had on the XP machine).

So - not a problem but a solution - and one I wanted to pass on
to others.


If you use the latest version of Replay AV, 8.41 it does have
our great Replay AV Audio Driver. It allows you to capture audio
on a Vista machine. Give it a try.
For Replay AV it sounds like you are just setting up the show
incorrectly. In Replay AV just open the properties for a show
that you are recording. If you want to record using the audio
driver rather than stream capturing, select "Capture by
recording audio output" in the recording tab. Then select
"Replay AV audio driver" as the "Audio Recording Method".

When using the "Audio Driver" feature in Replay Music 3, it
should be capturing the entire stream.

Best software for recording streaming concerts


I've just bought the Replay Capture Suite, but there are so many
options, I'm not sure which way to jump.
I especially want to record the archived concerts on Wolfgang's
Vault site
( for
personal use, i.e. burn them to a CD so I can listen to them
while driving, exercising, etc.
When you open up a concert to hear, it opens up a player w/it's
own URL, like, which
immediately begins to play. (But you can pause it if you're
Which Applian program would work best for capturing the audio at
a high quality in this environment?

Replay Media Catcher is the easiest program to record the
streaming audio or video files on Wolfgang's Vault. The audio
file is captured as a separate track with artist and title
information and saved in it's native MP3 format to your hard

You can then use your desired CD burning software to burn the
recorded audio files to a CD.

I am not employed by Applian however, I found there Support page
to be a great asset. I watched the videos (Webinars) prior to
purchasing my Replay AV suite. I have also referred back to them
since I made my purchase, picking up something each time I view
the Webinar at
Give it a try.

A CAP file is a temporary file. You could get this if the
program stops prematurely or there is an error or a hiccup in
the stream capture. Most of the time all you need to do is
rename the extension to what it was suppose to be, such as .mp3
or .asf, and it will correct the problem.
Have you tried Replay Converter 3 beta yet?

You can download it here:

I am having an issue with converting real audio files. I have
successfuly captured a BBC radio 3 show in Real audio format. It
plays fine with the Real Player after capture. I would like to
convert it to MP3 so that I can import it to my MP3 player. When
I try converting the file, I get an MP3 file that is silent. The
file goes through the conversion process and takes a few minutes
to convert. The finla result is an MP3 file that is of correct
size and is recognized by WMP on Vista and it starts playing.
However, there is 90 minutes of silence.
Here are the things that I tried with no success:
1. Changed the Direct Show option in the convertor options for
Real audio files. Tried it with and without Direct show.
2. Tried converting the file to MP3 at different bit rates
3. Tried converting to other file formats, ie, WMA and iPod
audio book.
4. Tried the silent files on multiple computers. It was always
5. Installed the Applian software to capture and convert the
file on 2 different brand new Vista machines (one machine runs
Vista Home premium, and the other runs Vista ultimate)

None of the above has solved the problem.

What version of Real Player do you have? Replay Converter uses
codecs from the different players that you have installed on
your computer. We have found problems with some of the codecs in
Real Player 11. If you have Real Player 11, try downgrading to
Real Player 10, or you can just install the free program, Real
Alternative, which you can get from here:
Personally, I feel Real Player is too bloated, so I use Real

Once you have Real Player 10 or Real Alternative, then do the
following for converting real audio files to MP3:
Click "Options" in Replay Converter -> "Audio Conversion
Options" -> check the "Real (.ra)" check box for .ra files or
check the "Other" check box for other Real files like .rm files
-> click "OK" and then try a conversion.