Monday, March 24, 2008

Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Explorer 7 & XP/Vista

I believe you will find these keyboard shortcuts very useful.

They can help you when using Applian's various applications.

Go to Taskbar Tray quickly:
Windows key - TAB to go directly to the taskbar tray. That is
hold down your windows logo key and press the tab key. And this
is not from your screen reader but from Microsoft the shortcut.

The above eliminates having to go the desktop and tabbing to the
taskbar tray as I have been showing you all in the mp3

Go to the System Tray/Notification Tray (clock):
Windows key - b

You may want this shortcut to see if Replay AV 8 is running your
system tray.

Now to:

Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7)

IE 7 offers tab browsing.

Bring up IE 7 browser. This first page is your home page.

We want to keep our home page.

Instead of minimizing IE 7 and opening a new instance of IE 7
there is a better way.

With your home page running press:
ctrl - t

You get a edit box asking you to type in the website address

Type in:

And press your enter key.

The Applian home page is up now.

We now have 2 pages opened in IE 7 browser.

Let's go to another page on the web. Press:
ctrl - t
Enter another URL address like:

We now have 3 pages/sites opened with IE 7.

To go to your home page press:
ctrl - 1
That is control key and numbers row number 1.
You are taken to your default home page since this was the very
first site we get when starting up the IE 7 browser.

To go to the second page/site we opened which was the Applian
home page we would press:
ctrl - 2
The Applian home page appears.

To go to the 3rd site we opened earlier we would press:
ctrl - 3
The Yahoo website appears.

You can use ctrl - tab to hear all your opened browser
pages/tabs. For example, your default home page, Applian home
page, Yahoo home page. Press and hold down the ctrl key and
press tab key repeatedly until your site appears.

How do you close a page/site you no longer need?

ctrl - w
The page/site you were on closes and one of your other opened
pages appears on screen.

You can have up to 9 pages opened that will work for you if you
use ctrl and numbers row numbers 1 through 9.

I hope this helps out.