Friday, March 21, 2008

Replay Converter 3 beta & Target Formats list

When you arrow down to the "Target Formats" with Replay
Converter 3 beta and arrow down to the "Add..." in the list this
will automatically take you to the "Add formats dialog box" to
add additional formats like mp3 32 kbps for example. You press
your space bar to choose a format and then choose the add
button. Once in awhile you will not be taken back to the main
interface of Replay Converter 3 beta. So the tip is to keep
pressing alt F4 as many times as needed until you get back on
the Replay Converter 3 beta main interface.

See when you are in the target formats list and as soon as you
land on the "add ..." in the list it automatically jumps you to
the Add Dialog box without you ever pressing your enter keyboard
key on this "add..." in the list. It is not a combo box either.

The target formats list is the list that has the audio formats
that you can choose from to convert to like mp3, ogg, wav, wma.

You also have a target format for video formats.

The target formats is the same appearance as in RC 2 but doesn't
include all of the formats. You have to add them manually
yourself like the 16, 32, 64 mp3 formats to appear in the
default list.

Just letting you all know this.