Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Replay Media 6 Guides tab control tip

Still investigating this.
JAWS Users please test the following.
With RMC 6 open and maximize alt+spacebar then choose maximize
Locate the Guides tab control first with arrow keys then press tab keyboard
key one time.
Use JAWS OCR feature by pressing insert+spacebar then O then W
Use your route JAWS to PC cursor insert+numpad minus to review the screen
with your keys.
You will pick up the guides categories. Use JAWS left mouse click with
numpad / to select. Some of the entries will speak in different broad voice
which appear to be a specific item like a radio station if you choose the
radio category. When you left click a particular station like X Y Z AM as
example only you will then hear the open, download and schedule options. If
you left click the open option it will open its stream in your default
browser and will start the stream.
So this JAWS OCR makes Replay Media Catcher 6's Guides content more
accessible for JAWS users.

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