Sunday, April 26, 2015

Replay Media Catcher

New feature released in this version.
From Applian,
There are two aspects
to the new RMC6 ctrl+v usage.

First, if you have a text file with one or more URLs, each on a separate
line, you can ctrl+c to copy that listing to your Windows clipboard. Then,
in RMC6, if you have the file listing area active, using ctrl+v will paste
those URLs and queue each for downloading. With this usage, you no longer
have to paste URLs one-by-one into the URL bar. Of course, not all videos
can be grabbed this way, but it works reliably with YouTube.

The second new usage of ctrl+v is if you want to import files into RMC6. In
Windows File Explorer, find one or more files that you would like to import.
With these files selected, use ctrl+c to copy their info to the Windows
clipboard. As before, go to RMC6 and have the file listing active. Use
ctrl+v to paste the files into the RMC6 file listing. You can subsequently
convert the files.

I hope this explains the new feature.

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