Saturday, April 18, 2015

Replay Media Catcher 6 & JAWS Focus Tip Fix

Found out that if one is using the JAWS screen reader and focus is lost with
either the 5 Tab Controls which are Home Guides Schedule Settings Get
Support or within the Settings tab controls tab sheets Personalization
Output Folder Internet Downloads Audio Recordings DVR Naming Rules as focus
is sometimes lost by JAWS with the actual tab sheet physical names being not
spoken by JAWS but if the user knows he can try insert+numpad up arrow to
hear the actual physical tab sheet name is currently focused on. While the
user is within a tab sheet for example the Settings > Personalization tab
sheet properties like on the control / element Switch is 'on' for the Sound
Effects JAWS will not speak it scurrent status of switch is on or switch is
off as focus is lost. Tab and then shift+tab on the control / element will
not work to hear its status of switch is on / off. The best solution for the
JAWS user is to turn off JAWS by pressing insert+F4 then choose ok. Restart
the JAWS program with ctrl+alt+j which most users have set as their JAWS
start up keystroke. This will give JAWS focus again on the Replay Media
Catcher 6 user interface.

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