Thursday, May 14, 2015

JAWS & NVDA: What is this Replay Media Catcher & Current Audio Tutorials for blind screen reader users

Replay Media Catcher
What is it?
User Guide
BlindReplay Blog
First to those who use JAWS 16 here is a zip file for you.
Audio Tutorials using Replay Media Catcher
Now to NVDA 2015.1 users
This version has not been publicly released yet but will be. I made an audio tutorial showing the new and improved user interface using NVDA. I will release a new tutorial each day. Do not try to use a older version of Replay Media Catcher 6 with NVDA as it will not work for you. Look for version or greater. I am still looking for power NVDA users to test because I am seeing some controls I need help with. Skype is best. My Skype ID is  petrogia
If you plan to capture just the youtube media this program is completely free and captures 100% of the youtube media.
Now to the first audio tutorial.
Main Interface
Dropbox URL
Installing Replay Media Catcher or higher with NVDA.
Dropbox Download
Using NVDA,
If you missed the previous audio tutorials go to,
Capture Method button explained in depth
Using NVDA,
If you missed the earlier podcasts go to
The Capture Method button briefly shown