Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Why is it? UIA and non UIA situation update

UIA and non UIA version of this program results are,
JAWS 16 handles this program's interface well except the cocasional focus issue which can be fix by shutting down JAWS and restarting JAWS.
UIA version of this program,
Got word last night that Window Eyes can handle the UIA version of this program but not the non UIA version.
Will find out more on this soon.
Now to NVDA,
NVDA handles the non UIA version much better than the UIA version of this program.
Go figure why main straem developers are lost when it comes to supporting screen readers with their programs.
If there is an Addon developer who can write code for this program let me know.
They should be very easy fixes to do as I know the issue areas.
Otherwise I can wait for AT Prime to come around because it should be a technology breakthrough in the screen reader world.