Sunday, May 31, 2015

Window-Eyes 9.1 with Replay Media Catcher

You can still capture with Window Eyes 9.1.
Press alt+x to start the capture.
Open browser, play media.
Known current issues.
Window Eyes 9.1 user told me the following issues they have,
Capture Method button
Using down arrow key does not advance to the next mode.
The No Conversion Settings Control is flawed.
List View / Files list
The files are not heard when there are files in the list. For example, 3 files were there but using the up or down arrow keys do not work on the list view. Contents are not hear. Has to us the show in folder button to find the files within Windows Explorer.
Settings tab control properties tab sheets like Personalization and the others like the Audio Recordings tab sheets when on a control like Delete to Recycle Bin does not tell the user if the control is on / off / enabled / disabled.
In the Audio Recording tab sheet within settings tab the drop down / combo boxes do not work with up / down arrow keys but using alt+down arrow key press will work like for format and bit rates.
The data field like for Concurrent Downloads which its default is 5 does work to change.