Saturday, May 23, 2015

Using Replay Radio as a podcatcher

NVDA 2015.1 similar steps used
Locate the RSS feed URL address for your favorite podcast.
Copy this RSS feed address to your clipboard.
Run Replay Radio application.
It's not free but it works.
Locate the add a show button on main user interface of Replay Radio and activate it.
The  scheduler window opens.
You are in the recordings tab properties by default and that is all you need to be at.
Pressing your tab key will land you in the name edit field so type in the name of your podcast.
Tab again and you will be in the URL field, paste in the feed URL address.
Tab again,
Capture: combo should be set to Direct download.
Tab again,
Download: combo should be set to Podcast RSS feed.
Tab again,
Screen reader does not say Save From but,
Saved From combo configuration
Date: combo month / Day / Year then in the same combo appears the hour / date / year.
Example, Save From combo box will say,
5/23/2015  3:00 PM in the same combo box.
You use your up or down arrow keys to change a number or can type in the number.
You will be focused on the month value.
To go to the date value you would press your right arrow key then use up or down arrow key to change the date field.
JAWS will speak when you edit the fields.
Set the year.
right arrow to edit the hour.
Right arrow to edit the minutes.
Right arrow to edit the AM or PM
Again each time you press your right arrow key simply use your up or down arrow key to edit the number or type in the number.
The Save From field allows you to go back in time to download the older podcasts that you want or may have missed.
Now press your tab key and you will land on this mute volume checkbox. This checkbox is not checked and do not make any changes to this checkbox unless you want to lose your screen reader's speech.
Press tab key,
Now we have passed the mute volume checkbox and hear this new combo box / drop list.
This combo box is the start the download / look for new podcasts at this specific time,
The Start Combo box will look like this
hour minutes PM
Set the time you want.
Press tab,
This is your start date to start downloading your podcasts.
Month / date / year
make the necessary changes.
Press tab,
Duration edit field should say minus1 that is dash 1
Leave as is.
Press tab again,
At complete: combo leave to None
Press tab again,
Time zone setting combo,
set to your time zone. Use up and down arrow keys.
Press tab,
Monday through Sunday checkboxes
If your podcast has shows on monday through Friday then choose those days.
Press tab until you hear the ok button and press enter key.
You have added your podcast to Replay Radio's Schedule tab list view.
Locate the Schedule tab on main user interface of replay Radio.
Stop at the schedule tab and then press tab to go inside its entries.
You will see your podcast listed that you added in the schedule tab list view contents area as an entry.
While in the list view use up or down arrow keys or first letter navigation.
All downloads will appear in the My Recordings list view on the main user interface of Replay Radio.
Your downloads are also on your hard drive.
You can also run on the fly start download podcast for your listed podcast by pressing your context menu key or shift+F10 and choose start recording option with enter key.
Replay Radio does not have to be running. It will wake up on its own to do its tasks whether it's a radio station timer recording or to start a podcast download.
To edit an existing podcasts properties simply find it in the schedule list view and press enter key. This will bring up the properties window for the podcast.
Its not free. Blind users can now get this program for $14.95 for a one year subscription. I have the special URL address link for you to get at this special price. $15 off regular price.
The special URL is
To download Replay Radio go to,
Audio Tutorials can be found at my blog at
Or ask me to send you the download link for the audio tutorials on Replay Radio by email to,